European Movement Oxford Region

Campaigning to keep Oxfordshire and neighbouring counties at the heart of Europe


European Movement

The European Movement is an international organisation, designed to promote European values of peace, prosperity, and international cooperation.

Founded in 1949, it is the oldest movement of its kind in the UK.

We campaigned to stay in the EU in both the 2016 and 1975 referendums and believe that a post-Brexit UK will be stronger the closer it remains to our EU neighbours.

Oxford Region

The Oxford Branch covers all of the county, plus parts of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire.

At the same time as supporting national initiatives, we lobby and campaign on issues that are specifically important to our area, such as Education, Healthcare, Science and the Motor Industry.

Our Objectives

Our overall objective is for the UK to remain close to our European neighbours. At the present time our main priorities are:

– to keep up the pressure on political parties to make staying close to the EU one of their primary policy goals

– to protect the rights of EU citizens living in the UK

– to retain membership of EU scientific bodies

– to deliver frictionless trade

– to maintain high environmental and food standards post Brexit

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