Settled Status: MPs Give Their Views. Or Do They?

Following our post on the impending deadline for settled status, one reader took up the challenge and wrote to her MP, Greg Smith (Conservative, Buckingham).  She then kindly shared her reply with us here in Oxford Region. 

That reply rang immediate bells with the response that our own Roy Motteram had received from his local MP, John Howell (Conservative, Henley).

Now we know that great minds think alike – but the degree to which these minds have thought alike is uncanny.  It’s almost as they have drawn on a pre-prepared document marked “Settled Status.”

MPs are very busy.  But the letters they received in this case were not standard letters sent as part of a national campaign. They were individuals raising a serious, future-defining, issue about people who either live in their MP’s constituency or will likely be known to people who live in that constituency.

As with so much of the Brexit debate, good, considerate MPs have allowed themselves to simply become a mouthpiece for policies that they know will ultimately cause harm.

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