Brexit is More Than Just a Threat To Trade

In five months’ time, UK citizens will lose the protection of the EU’s Charter of Fundamental Rights and be at the mercy of a government with a 79-seat majority and a track record that shows it cares little for democratic norms and practices. Justin Meadows, Membership Co-Ordinator for the Oxford Region, explains why he isContinue reading “Brexit is More Than Just a Threat To Trade”

Clapping For Carers (or just the English ones?)

The government has refused to allow social care workers from EU countries to get a fast track health visa when new immigration rules are introduced. This is ungracious and short-sighted. It should be stopped. For 10 weeks during the Covid crisis, the government made great play every Thursday that they were ‘clapping for carers.’ EvenContinue reading “Clapping For Carers (or just the English ones?)”

Russia Report: An Assessment

Earlier this year, David Blackman gave an update on the prospects for the Russia Report, the publication of which Boris Johnson had been seeking to suppress. Yesterday, thanks in no small part to an individual act of rebellion by Conservative MP, Julian Lewis, it finally saw the light of day. And it was devastating. DavidContinue reading “Russia Report: An Assessment”

Academics Speak Out On Brexit Risk

Academics and research scientists from Oxford University have joined with two Nobel Laureates and the Astronomer Royal in writing to the government warning of the potential impact on research by the ending the EU transition period in December. The letter, which was the initiative of President of the Royal Society, Venki Ramakrishnan, was taken upContinue reading “Academics Speak Out On Brexit Risk”

OPINION: Where Next for the UK and Ireland?

Peter Burke was one of the participants in our first series of Faces for Europe, and is a long-time campaigner for a closer relationship with the EU. As a GP, born in Ireland, who has worked in the UK for 38 years, there are few people better qualified to look at the relationship between ourContinue reading “OPINION: Where Next for the UK and Ireland?”

Who Really Benefits From Brexit? Why Is the Russia Report Still in the Long Grass?

By David Blackman In debates before the referendum in June 2016 I asked the question; “Which world leader stands to benefit from Brexit?” My own answer was clear: President Putin was very interested to encourage decisions which weakened Western democracies and Western cohesion. I had little immediate response to my question, but soon after theContinue reading “Who Really Benefits From Brexit? Why Is the Russia Report Still in the Long Grass?”

OPINION: “Where do you come from?” And other offensive language

When I was asked to write a few words for this website, as part of its Faces for Europe initiative, I was surprised to see ‘Whereabouts are you from?’ leading the points I was asked to address. Traditionally, I see these words often uttered as a hand reaching out. I have been asked this questionContinue reading “OPINION: “Where do you come from?” And other offensive language”

VE Day 75: A Personal Message From the Oxford Region Chairman

My grandfather fought in the trenches and earlier at Gallipoli. In the 1940s he still had nightmares of seeing his best friend’s head blown off. Dad narrowly escaped death from a Luftwaffe bomb and during another raid went into a burning building to save a person trapped inside. We are right to honour the memoryContinue reading “VE Day 75: A Personal Message From the Oxford Region Chairman”

Where Next For Labour and Europe

Two Labour Europeans, with a combined experience of over 80 years supporting the Labour party and European cooperation, offer their views on the priorities for Sir Keir Starmer in the light of Covid-19 and the looming end to the transition period. In the shadow of the Coronavirus pandemic, the Labour Party is rebuilding. Eurosceptic leaderContinue reading “Where Next For Labour and Europe”