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After a year of severe disruption to children’s education, the government slamming the door on eTwinning is just a further blow to broadening their horizons. At the beginning of February, the government announced its plans for the Turing Scheme, the replacement to Erasmus+. At first sight, it certainly appears to be pretty thin gruel. ButContinue reading “Link…Listen…Learn”


When the government’s plans to cease the UK’s involvement with Erasmus+ attracted immediate criticism, a number of Conservative MPs began attacking the current scheme and claiming that its replacement (Turing) would be far better. One of these was David Johnston, the Wantage MP, who claimed in his Spectator article that Erasmus+ was only beneficial forContinue reading “MY ERASMUS…”


In his New Year message, Oxford Region Branch chair, Graham Jones, says “the hard work starts now” and outlines simple actions we can all take to keep us close to Europe. A very happy New Year to you: peace, joy, and, of course, a respite from what a colleague calls the pestilence. You may alsoContinue reading ““I STAY EUROPEAN””

Number 10 WAS Aware of Tory Group’s Extremist Links

At the end of last year, the European Movement Oxford Region highlighted that the Conservative Delegation in the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe had aligned itself with some of the continent’s most extreme-right-wing political parties. At the time, a Number 10 spokesman tried to distance the Prime Minister from the decision, stating thatContinue reading “Number 10 WAS Aware of Tory Group’s Extremist Links”


By the end of this month we will have left what Matthew Parris recently described in his Times column as “one of modern history’s great and noble experiments in bringing nations together.” This despite the fact that the majority who wanted to leave the EU on one day in June 2016 has long since disappearedContinue reading “THE FUTURE BEGINS NOW”


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