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Russia Report: Reactions and Reminiscences

Far from being elated by demokratizatsiya and glasnost (openness, transparency) the young man was confident that ‘our KGB will save us from political upheaval’. Doubtless by ‘upheaval’ he meant parliamentary democracy.

Clapping For Carers (or just the English ones?)

The government has refused to allow social care workers from EU countries to get a fast track health visa when new immigration rules are introduced. This is ungracious and short-sighted. It should be stopped. For 10 weeks during the Covid crisis, the government made great play every Thursday that they were ‘clapping for carers.’ EvenContinue reading “Clapping For Carers (or just the English ones?)”

Who Really Benefits From Brexit? Why Is the Russia Report Still in the Long Grass?

By David Blackman In debates before the referendum in June 2016 I asked the question; “Which world leader stands to benefit from Brexit?” My own answer was clear: President Putin was very interested to encourage decisions which weakened Western democracies and Western cohesion. I had little immediate response to my question, but soon after theContinue reading “Who Really Benefits From Brexit? Why Is the Russia Report Still in the Long Grass?”


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