Carl Schoenfeld

Independent Filmmaker and Educator

Whereabouts are you from? Lower Saxony, which is where the Brother’s Grimm collected their stories.

How long have you been here? I originally came here 382 months ago to study. You could say it’s been a long gap year!

What is the thing you like most about the UK? Its openness to other cultures.

What made you want to stay?  I guess I have an entrepreneurial streak. I am always starting one company or project after another.

What do you like about the Oxfordshire area? Pastoral beauty, great cycling… and lots of people cleverer than me. 

How have things changed for you since Brexit? In the last year, I have been asked ‘Where do you come from?’, including by this survey, more often than in the preceding three decades. 

How do you see your future? I don’t 

Apart from its decision to leave the EU (!), what is the strangest thing you have found about the British people or living in the UK? Separate water taps for hot and cold. 

Carl has also kindly provided a special blogpost on one specific, but important, aspect of Brexit – that of language. You can read it here. Please, also, join in the conversation and give your thoughts on if (and how) things have changed since the 2016 vote.

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