Election of New European Movement Chair

A Message from the Chair of Oxford Region Dear Fellow Members, You will have heard that Lord Adonis is standing down from his role as Chair of the European Movement.  As a consequence, for the second time in just over a year, we are seeking a new person to head our organisation.  In a firstContinue reading “Election of New European Movement Chair”

War In Ukraine – The Human Element

In our second article on the war in Ukraine, EM Oxford Region’s current Chairman, Graham Jones, looks at the personal element behind the headlines. Based on his travels in the country, he looks at how ordinary Russians may be seeing this conflict. He also discusses how everyone here can help to support those who haveContinue reading “War In Ukraine – The Human Element”

The War In Ukraine – Europe Reacts

It is now a month since the outbreak of war in Ukraine. A month since one man’s perverse view of history and misguided nationalism began to cause the greatest amount of suffering and biggest humanitarian crisis that Europe has seen for almost 80 years. A month of reinforcing the time-honoured fact that there is nothingContinue reading “The War In Ukraine – Europe Reacts”

David Frost – the man who took a knife to a gunfight – calls it a day

Just as the ghost of Christmas past was coming back to haunt the Prime Minister, the ghost of Brexit Britain future, Lord Frost, dealt him a hammer blow. As we approach our fifth Brexit Secretary in as many years, our ‘Whitehall Correspondent’, John Walker, takes a lighthearted look at what may have driven the resignation.Continue reading “David Frost – the man who took a knife to a gunfight – calls it a day”

…And the results of the 2024 general election are just coming in

The last week in politics has been remarkable, even in a period that has been noticeable for remarkable weeks. The revelation of a series of ‘business meetings’ in Westminster last Christmas, replete with wine, cheese, presents and games has led to what seemed impossible just a few days ago, the possible end of Boris Johnson’sContinue reading “…And the results of the 2024 general election are just coming in”

Out-of-control shopping trolley – or a laser-guided plan?

By John Walker It was so easy to believe Dominic Cummings’ description of Boris Johnson as an errant shopping trolley. The bumbling, incoherent ineptitude fits our picture of Johnson and his government. Yet we should never forget that he achieved his aims, Brexit and premiership, despite incompetence. Perhaps we should start to examine what liesContinue reading “Out-of-control shopping trolley – or a laser-guided plan?”

The Tribes of Brexit Part 2 – The Bruised Pride Chancellors

Last month, John Walker began his series looking at some of the origins of Brexit by examining those who traced their Brexit roots back to their animosity towards Europeans. In this next instalment, he considers the smallest, but maybe one of the most overlooked groups, Tory Chancellors of the Exchequer who were closely engaged withContinue reading “The Tribes of Brexit Part 2 – The Bruised Pride Chancellors”

The Conservatives’ Friends on the Council of Europe Stoop Even Lower

We have written before in this blog about the dubious company kept by the Conservatives on the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), one whose main tasks is to propagate human rights across Europe. It is also the body where Henley MP, John Howell, serves as Treasurer of the Conservatives’ grouping, the EuropeanContinue reading “The Conservatives’ Friends on the Council of Europe Stoop Even Lower”