Extension Rebellion

The campaign to pause the Transition Period is the most significant campaign that we will pursue in the next year. The “Australian style deal” being touted by the government is really just a No Deal in disguise.

[Just for the record, of 135 non-EU full members of the World Trade Organisation, 58 currently trade with the EU under negotiated trade terms, and another 47 have preferential access to EU markets.]

This would be bad enough without the last three months. When this is combined with the current Covid-19 pandemic, the impact ending the transition period in December (with or without a deal) will be detrimental to both our economy and our NHS.

The purpose of the campaign is to get the government to extend the Brexit transition period and, as the government is insisting that they will walk away from negotiations if no agreement is reached by the end of June, we only have until the 1st July.

At the national level we are getting the Brexit transition on the agenda. We are doing this by rallying public support through our petition, press, digital and getting key industries to start discussing how Brexit will impact them. Furthermore, we are lobbying politicians, especially Conservative MPs to pause the transition.

But it is the grassroots campaign where you can play such an important role. There are three separate ways that you can become involved:

Advocacy: MPs are most likely to listen to their own constituents, so it is essential to write to them expressing your concerns. We have prepared some templates (see below) but please do not hesitate to adjust them to fit your own words. A personal letter will have far more impact than a templated one. It is also better if you can include local issues wherever possible.

Communications: We know that people are far more likely to listen to people in their community: their family, their friends. Thus, the grassroots are essential to getting people to listen to our message.

Social Media: With Covid-19 rightly taking up most of the news, we need to maximise our social media reach to get the message across. Please, if you are on social media, haven’t done so already, follow and pass on whenever possible the Oxford region Twitter feed https://twitter.com/EuromoveOxford and the national Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/european.movement.

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